Welcome to the new website

I am so pleased and excited about the launch of the new Mary Katherine Boyte, PC site.  I feel like this site is going to be a fantastic tool in our toolbox.

Sometimes the hardest part about the practice of law is communication with clients and the public.  People looking for legal help expect to be able to learn about this law firm before making a decision to consult with us.  This new site has made it much easier to meet these expectations.  I am looking forward to using this platform to communicate information about our attorneys and our amazing staff to the public at large.

I also hope to provide information that is useful to the public at large.  Over the years, I have found that there are huge misconceptions about family law issues.  Of course, this is to be expected given the nature of the beast.  Every state has a different set of statutes and rules governing family law issues.  Now that our society is so mobile, people move from state to state and often assume that the law remains the same in their new home as it was in their old home.  Add to that the fact that so many people now have interactions with the court system on family law issues and discuss those experiences with their friends and family, and misinformation and misunderstanding are inevitable.  Of course, the most accurate and best legal information available to any person is to meet with an attorney to discuss their particular situation.  But, it is exciting to me to have a means to communicate accurate general information about family law issues to the public at large.

Most of all, I hope that being able to communicate in this new way will contribute to the peace and confidence of people who are facing legal issues surrounding their families and children.  People who find themselves facing complex family problems are understandably nervous, concerned and even scared about the process ahead.  The stakes could not be higher and the process often difficult to manage.  I hope that it will help to know that there are others who have been down the same road and who have found the light at the end of the tunnel.

Mary K. Boyte Henderson